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Fibula Fracture


Category : Fibula Fracture

Generic Fibula Fracture


A generic fibula fracture is nothing to worry about in most cases as it is considered to be a common condition. The fibula is the smaller bone of the two long bones in the leg, and it interfaces with the ankle and the knee. The other long bone of the leg is known as the tibia. Usually, a tibia and fibula fracture is considered to be a common phenomenon when the impact is quite great.

Distal Fibula Fracture


Category : Distal Fibula Fracture

Understanding a Distal Fibula Fracture


For understanding a distal fibula fracture, you would have to look at the basic definition of a fibula fracture. Fibula is one of the two long bones that are present in the leg, with fibula being the shorter of two. Although the second, longer bone, called tibia, is considered to be the weight bearing bone, fibula is extremely important for support and interfacing of the leg with the knee and ankle.