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Tibia & Fibula Fracture


Category : Fibula Fracture, Tibia Fracture

Combined Tibia & Fibula Fracture


A combined tibia & fibula fracture is considered to be the most common type of fibula fractures. The tibia and fibula are the two bones that are present in the leg. While these bones are separate, they are closely linked at the knee and the ankle. While tibia is considered to be the weight bearing bone, it requires support from the fibula. Whenever such a combined tibia fibula fracture arises, there is a huge impact on the leg, leading to the spreading of force between tibia and fibula. Due to this, damage is caused to both the bones and it results in a tibia & fibula fracture. The symptoms of the fibula fracture are also quite troublesome and you would have to take steps to control them.


Symptoms of Broken Tibia and Fibula


The symptoms of broken tibia and fibula need to be checked closely as they can be quite irksome and severe. Through the symptoms of broken tibia and fibula, you would be able to determine the extent of injury. In case the injury is minor and the tibia and fibula are not actually broken, you can expect a quicker recovery from the condition. However, when there is a tibia & fibula fracture, the recovery takes about 3 to 6 months.  Generally, a fibula fracture is associated with pain, swelling and bruising in the region. Your leg would be marred by bruises and there would be swelling near the broken tibia and fibula. Standing and walking would be extremely painful as you would not be able to put weight on the legs. In order to ensure that the healing of the fibula fracture is the quickest, you would have to take all of the following steps for proper recovery.


Tibia Fibula Fracture Recovery


Although the tibia fibula fracture recovery takes about 3 to 6 months, the procedure can be accelerated by taking the right steps. Rest is a major thing that can help you recover from a fibula fracture at the earliest. You would have to take complete rest and would have to avoid moving too much. A cast for your fibula fracture would also assist in accelerating the healing procedure. Overall, a tibia & fibula fracture can definitely be handled through proper care, casts and medicines.

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